Between the joy of the first snowfall and exasperation of the fifth, there is that once special drink that is perfect for the winter season. Hot chocolate, cold chocolate, new chocolate, old chocolate. Okay, maybe not the last one. Anyway, there are few things in life that can cheer and warm you up the way hot chocolate can – with the ability to make you forget about the moans and groans of yesterday.

The warm air hits you as you walk in the kitchen door. A rich, sweet aroma entices your senses. There, you see it waiting. A mug of this delicious chocolate concoction stares innocently at you. Time seems to slow down as you make your way over and you take a sip. Indulging in the liquid spreading across your tongue, taste buds dancing wild with excitement. Feeling the warmth of the mug against your cold hands. Yes, this truly is a drink of angels.

Then, and only then, with your body toasty warm and the last drops of the hot chocolate in the mug, are you fully content and feeling rather philosophical about everything and anything. The past has passed. Soon after, the sugar rush fades away and you’ll be craving that first sip of hot chocolate once more.