Following up on the Spring Fling dance of the previous day, SAC hosted a carnival on 2 May in the school’s backfield. The event was a huge success complete with a bouncy castle, music, and free food. The weather was perfect as crowds of students showed up to try their hands at tug of war and the jousting pit. It also helped that everything was free.

Spirit convener Vanessa Du organized the carnival. Members of student council helped out manning booths of samosas, popcorn, and cotton candy. They even used Mr. Sharp’s speakers to DJ the event.

“We haven’t had anything like this in the past two years. I feel like a part of Garneau now,” commented Kaleem Ullah. Another student, Ramisa Zalali, said, “I never knew Garneau did things like this – it’s pretty cool! I think we should do this more often. It takes away everyone’s stress.”

Even the cougar made an appearance. Bilaal Dhalech braved the mascot suit in the heat. “It smells like gym clothes,” he said “but it’s worth it because it makes everyone happy.”

After the event was over, SAC members stayed behind to clean the field, leaving the execution of the event isolated and precise. It seems our student council is really getting into a rhythm.

After the rush of the day had calmed organizer Vanessa was happy with the way everything had gone. “I thought it was really important that everyone have a day to relax and have fun together. I’m just really glad no one got into a fight over the jousting pit!”

Spirit day was well organized and the turnout was impressive. Ms. Goldenberg even deemed the carnival fabulous: “It couldn’t have been better.”

The recent string of Garneau spirit activities concludes tomorrow: come out to the gym at lunch to see The Reckoner face SAC in a friendly game of basketball.