This is a precautionary tale. I was and unfortunately still am this person. I heard about all of the amazing clubs and teams, all the great opportunities for me out there. I heard the announcements, attended various meetings, and before I knew it was too late. I had sold my life to school.

All of a sudden I was getting home at 10 o’clock each night after two different clubs and teams with another couple hours of homework to do. But wait! Isn’t this what’s expected of us these days? At assemblies we’re told the required 40 volunteer hours isn’t enough. No, we need hundreds more to have any hope of getting into the program we desire.

Today’s exemplary high school student is expected to be a part of multiple athletic teams as well as school council, among other scholarly clubs. And we’re expected to do all this while maintaining straight A’s.

The bar is set high and is getting higher with every passing year putting even more pressure on us. The only thing you can really do is try to pick clubs or teams you actually enjoy, not just ones that will look good on your résumé. Remember, we’re in high school, what you do or don’t won’t dictate the course of your life.

Your sanity is important, so take this lesson and never sell your life to school.