The beard of Mr. Sharp (AKA Capt. Hook), pictured here at the peak of its glory.

It is with terrible regret that we bring you this news: a great presence is missing from Garneau. If you’ve been keeping up with current events you’ll know that over the weekend Mr. Sharp has shaved his beard. That’s right: the mug that struck fear and adoration in the hearts of Garneauians for months is no more.

Our vice principal’s distinctive facial hair has been on quite the journey in recent months reaching a climax last week after being dyed black. Beyond curious to know the story behind the beard, I stopped by Mr. Sharp’s office. He was gracious enough to provide me with some insight:

What influenced your decision to shave it off?

Well, the same thing that influenced me to grow it in the first place of course.

And what would that be?

A few months ago I was auditioning for the role of Captain Hook in Peter Pan. I grew the beard for the part. I got the part, so I kept the beard. Yesterday was the last show; the beard was never destined to last beyond then. And let me tell you, my wife was happy to see it go! I grew my hair for a part as well – a few years back I played Sweeney Todd.

And you kept it?

Oh yeah, I like the hair.

Mr. Sharp also said that he was tempted to leave the moustache, but didn’t think it was well suited to his next role. We’re sad to see the beard go, but even we have to admit that our beloved VP is looking pretty sharp.