Like a shadow in an eternal night,

It does not let you go or let you live in the light.

Dragging you deeper into an endless tunnel.

Ensnaring you with chains, 

Pumping venom into your veins.


The darkness tunnels its way in and rises inside me.

So I fall. 

In tears, I wrap my arms around my knees

And rock my broken heart to sleep.


As thunder booms,

I smile.

It was the scream my mouth never made.

Lightning strikes, tearing the sky apart with a raging crackle.

The anger is unleashed

And rain pours violently from the sky, 

Battering against the broken shards of my heart.


The clouds release what my heart refused to.

They mourn for what I have lost.


Though the downpour lasts only minutes, 

It is all I need to regain strength in my bones.


But, no matter how far I go,

They stay with me.

Nestled deep within the caverns of my soul, 

My inner demons won’t leave.

Illustrator: Ajita Kanthathasan