Today, it was announced that this year’s Annual International Show – a Marc Garneau tradition, will begin selling its tickets at a price of seven dollars: far exceeding the price of last year’s Christmas show. This news comes after weeks of rumours of a possible cancellation of the annual show entirely, based on concerns of the calibre of the performances.

International Show over the years has become an event in which Garneau students can feel united, despite the many different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures present in our diverse school. In previous years, the show has proven itself a comfortable, enjoyable, and most importantly, an accessible experience. There are performances representative of all different styles and types, and even the most nervous guitarist can experience first hand just how supportive – loudly supportive – our wonderful school can be.

True, last year’s International Show came at the steep price tag of ten dollars per ticket. Why are these events so expensive? They have for some reason been associated with providing food. But last year, this consisted of several hundred people flocking from the cafeteria, through just two sets of doors, to the gymnasium to grab a snack. It was not pretty.

With last week’s super-hyped Multi High School Spelling Bee racking up a turnout of about forty people, The Reckoner worries for the future of International Show. Student Council may want to seriously consider a price adjustment – even if this means dropping the food portion of the event. International Show is about the diversity and unity of our school, not about money and food.