The first thing that apparently needs to be done when starting any sort of publication is to decide what exactly you are publishing. A “school newspaper” these days can be a newspaper… or a magazine or a pamphlet or a newsletter or a blog or just a plain ol’ pretentious club.  Well, we’re none of those things. We’re a website, true, but that doesn’t really answer anybody’s question, does it?

The beginning of The Reckoner is something like the notorious field trip, which these handsome gentlemen are pictured experiencing here. We don’t really know what to expect from it beforehand. Maybe one day we’ll look back at this post just like we’re looking at that picture right now. But as of today, we’re officially under construction. The Reckoner is completely student-run, and always will be. This doesn’t just mean that we’ll be doing all the work. It means that this is truly ours. We’re operating as people who feel like there are pictures to be taken and stories to be told.

We are reviewing applications in a (mostly) informal setting. We’re looking for writers, editors and designers. If this looks like something that you’d like to be a part of, please visit our applications page.