Jealousy is a green-eyed monster. She sulks in the shadows where no one can see her. Discontent, envy, and spite swirls around her in thick grey smoke. She wishes for things she will never have. The happiness of someone else she can never see without wanting it for her own. 

The good in her life feels empty somehow. She is unnatural, dangerous, and evil. She comes disguised as she tries to get close to you, deceit and vengeance hidden under layers and layers of the softest of silks. Her loving caresses a ploy for you to let your guard down. She’s a powerhouse, swirling with hate and envy. And when the moment is right, she strikes. 

She sinks her talons deep into you, determined to never let go. Feeding you the venomous and destructive poison she makes. She acts like a friend when you’re alone but when you’re with others, she can’t stand it. She whispers in your ear, telling you where to go. Waiting for you to close your eyes so she can take control. She corrupts your mind with suggestions and illusions. Manipulating you. Controlling your every thought and motion until you become a puppet, while she holds the strings. She sculpts you into someone you never thought you’d ever be. She will destroy you.

Jealousy wakes in you, as you toss and turn in the night. You never noticed her slowly seeping into you until you were possessed by her. She consumes you. Becoming your world while you merely exist within her presence. You overthink and overanalyze until you can’t think anymore. Your chest grows tighter and tighter with each anxious heartbeat, each thud growing louder and louder. Each thud more breathtakingly painful. Her illusions become reality, blinding you from what is really there. Blending and twisting inside your mind. Swirling and roaring madly.

Now you can’t stand being around others. All you can see is them hiding lies. The good in your life feels empty somehow. When you see their success, your heart is pierced by envy. Seeing their smiles sends discontent running through your veins. And it’s because of this – your hostility towards everyone else – that causes them all to leave you.

Her green eyes gleam and a satisfied smirk paints her lips as she watches you fall apart. She now has you where she’s always wanted: all alone with no one but her. 

The master of trickery.

Jealousy is that green-eyed monster standing in the shadows, smiling at you. You never noticed her before, even though she was there all along.

Photo: Depositphotos