With only one practice in February to kick off the start of the badminton season before their first game in March, Marc Garneau’s badminton team was at a slight disadvantage against the competition. Booking the highly-demanded gym to practice for sports that are off-season is a nearly impossible task. However, the team has fared quite well.
Marc Garneau’s badminton team played its sixth and final game on 31 March. The team has had one successful win against Forest Hill CI. The team came unbelievably close against Leaside High School, falling only one point short in a score of 17 to 18. Marc Garneau won 3 matches in their games against North Toronto CI and Northern Secondary School, and one match against Riverdale CI. When facing Lawrence Park CI, both the Boys’ Doubles and Girls’ Singles won their matches. However, the Mixed Doubles pair’s undefeated streak ended.
Five players from three categories will be moving on to the regional playoffs. These students include Grade 12s Alvin Janes, Kevin Tang, Nancy Wu, and Edwin Lee, as well as Grade 10 Helen Ho. Both the Mixed Doubles pair, Edwin and Helen, and the Boys’ Doubles pair, Alvin and Kevin, have lost only one match. The Girls’ Singles has lost two matches.

Alvin Janes, part of Marc Garneau's Boys Doubles A team, in a match against Northern Secondary School.  Photo: Christina Chen

Alvin Janes, part of Marc Garneau’s Boys Doubles A team, in a match against Northern Secondary School. Photo: Christina Chen

“Our hope is that the Boys’ Doubles and Girls’ Singles will make it on to the cities. We’re probably not sending anyone to OFSAA this year, but still, you never know,” said Mr. Jay, coach of the badminton team.
Out of the seven teams in their division, the badminton team is looking to finish in the fifth spot. Riverdale CI remains the strongest school within their division. However, Marc Garneau was the only school to have won a match against Riverdale, who has otherwise remained undefeated in the season so far.
Badminton team players are split into two categories: the A’s and the B’s, with the A’s generally being stronger players. Last year, all the A players were able to advance to the playoffs, and the Boys’ A’s Doubles went on further to OFSAA and won silver – the best result the school has seen so far.
“The grade 12s are really the main players of the team,” said Helen Ho.
This outlines one small crisis the badminton team is going to go through next year. The team currently consists of 24 players, the majority being Grade 9s and 10s, and it will be considerably hurt after losing the Grade 12s. Mr. Jay notes that next year will be a crucial year of rebuilding for the team.