A Mosaic of Diversity can have many implications. It can be a descriptor for MGCI as a school, or the community that MGCI is in, but it is also the name of a project run by Key Club to compile works of art by students. 

Key Club meets every Wednesday on Zoom at 4 pm. In the past, Key Club has held service projects and events throughout the school. For example, they have run overnight sleepovers, trick-or-treat UNICEF, popcorn sales, and more. The club itself is about serving the community, ranging from donations to charities, to providing mental health resources, and even social justice updates on their social media. Students can gain volunteer hours from participating in certain projects or events. Key Club at MGCI is also a part of the Key Club International, which is one of the largest student-led organizations in the world. 

Executive member Sarah Li says, when asked why she initially joined Key club, “I joined in grade nine because I came across a poster advertising key club in the hallways and thought it looked neat. Lame origin story, but it’s true. In grade ten I decided to get more involved, after getting to know some of the then-execs more personally, and participating in more service projects.” 

Key Club also has subdivisions that focus on different topics, such as local issues and social justice. The Mosaic of Diversity project was led by the Local Issues Committee subdivision of Key Club. 

The Mosaic of Diversity is meant to be a compilation of student art, that can be in the form of writing, or visual arts. Students were encouraged to submit their entries through a google form. The general theme for their art was meant to be centered around diversity, whether it be cultural, racial, gender identity – the theme was meant to be broad, leaving room for students to show their creativity. Additionally, those who submitted were entered into a random draw to win one of three gift cards. The last day to submit was Thursday, April 1st. 

“We organized this project to give MGCI students a chance to showcase their various forms of artwork, while shedding light on the topic of diversity and how complex it is. Different students all had different interpretations of the concept of diversity, and we found that really interesting!” says executive team member Allyson Wu, on why the project was organized. 

The Mosaic of Diversity was advertised on their social media. The graphics on their Instagram page advertising the event were created by members of Key Club, or, more specifically, the Local Issues Committee members. The Key Club Instagram page also features a plethora of resources, such as mental mood boosters, and strategies. There are also social justice updates and celebratory posts acknowledging notable dates like International Women’s Day and World Water Day. 

As Sarah Li stated, on the topic of Key Club being student-led, “We organize, run and advertise all of our own events. Unlike school projects where there is a wireframe to work off of, we run our own projects, so you flex a slightly different set of muscles than you do with school projects.” 

Currently, the Mosaic of Diversity project is being finalized by the members of Key Club. The final product featuring student works can be expected on Thursday, April 22nd.