Fitness Room

The twenty-first century is blessed with all forms of creations, from fast food to computers to cars for transportation, all of which have made human lives easier. While McDonald’s Big Macs are a customer favourite, and sitting in front of laptops for assignments has made our lives much easier, they have ultimately caused harm to human health [1]. Luckily, a simple remedy such as regular workouts can offset the impacts of fatty foods and sitting down all day. Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute’s Fitness Council makes this accessible to everyone.

Club President Olivia Huang founded Fitness Council this year to increase accessibility to physical activity. She states that the purpose of the club is to “maximize underused resources at our school” and “increase accessibility to proper gym equipment while encouraging students to improve their daily physical activity.”

Fitness Council encourages members to drop in and use the fitness equipment–allowing members to develop fitness plans that best suit them. The club is fully drop-in and members are encouraged to figure out a workout schedule that fits them. Essentially, the club is a gym that is located and made up of the MGCI community. Moreover, the use of professional fitness equipment (such as weights, ellipticals, and machines) is emphasized, allowing students to use equipment that would have otherwise been an expensive gym membership. Fitness Council hopes to consult members to create workout programs that students can follow along with. Overall, there are many activities that students will have the opportunity to participate in. 

Fitness Council also focuses on encouraging more girls to participate and join the club by planning a girls-only drop-in on Wednesdays at lunch. In general, the weight room is open to all students on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch and Thursdays after school from 3:30 to 5:00. To use the weight room, students can drop by during club sessions to pick up a permission slip.