You’ve never quite dealt with this sort of situation before. This is the assassin that killed your father, the person you had loved most in the world. The person who hurt countless others.

He says he wants to change. That he doesn’t want to kill people anymore. That he won’t kill people anymore.

You don’t want to believe him. Words are empty.

But it’s not just words. Not anymore.

You do not look at the weapons you are holding. Perhaps, if you block them out hard enough, swinging them will seem as natural as simply moving your hand, as natural as murder must seem to him.

You must believe that, because you must prove it to him and yourself.

The person you trusted the most has tried to kill you. He’s dead now, and you can thank the assassin for that. It’s what they do. Kill people.

Then again, this wasn’t intentional. You know that, because you saw it yourself.

What else are you supposed to do? Wait around until the person you care about the most betrays you like everyone else does? Oh, wait, they’ve already done that.

So you have nothing left to lose for this final test. Just need to plant some evidence, some dead man’s switches, send the note…

You’re done. Everything will be taken care of.

The plan? Hire him to come here and do nothing in particular, then try killing him. If he kills you, then you’ve just locked him away forever.

And if he’s truly a good person now, then you’ll support him every step the rest of the way.

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