Usually when I see something cute, my face looks like this.



And because most kids are usually cute, my face often looks like that.



But the difference between something like an adorable bunny and an adorable child is a cotton ball tail.



Oh. And other things as well. Sorry, got distracted by the bunny.


First off, they are stinky and always find ways to get dirtier than they already are. I’m no germaphobe – sometimes I roll around in the mud too – but little kids have a way of wanting to play with your hair with dirty fingers. It’s yuck.



Then there’s the baby talk. And the nonsense talk. It’s not very gratifying talking to kids.



And then they won’t stop talking. Even when you have a headache. And when you try to get them to stop by speaking louder, they ALWAYS win.


The worst part about kids though, is when you’ve finally got them to calm down, stop making noise, and sleep, you forget all the reasons why they make you so miffed in the first place.