When’s the last time you had meat or any other type of animal byproduct? Many would say less than twenty-four hours ago. People tend not to think twice when they eat meat, but should they reconsider their choices? From 8 to 12 April, MGCI’s Eco Team hosted its fourth annual Eco Movie Screening at lunch in room 235.

Around seventeen students that came to enjoy the movie. Attendees were offered delectable treats to munch on, such as popcorn and hot chocolate. This year’s featured film was “Okja”, a movie set in a state of capitalism and revolving around animal ethics issues, which are particularly relevant in today’s society. As President of the Eco Team, Janice Zhu, said, “A large number of animal ethics issues are situated in the food and farming industries. A number of inhumane and unimaginable acts are done to innocent animals such as cows, pigs, ducks, chickens, foxes and rabbits on a daily basis.”

The Eco Team chose to spread their message of making conscious food decisions by showing a movie. When asked to explain the reasoning behind their choice, Janice Zhu said, “Movies are a very accessible form of information. They are an enjoyable and effective way of spreading awareness on different topics.” The work put into creating the movie screening was anything but easy. To choose a movie, members of the Eco Team created movie polls in advance, conducted those polls and decided on an incentive to attract as many students as they could. The team’s main objective was to spark the discussion of questions such as “Where does our food come from?”, “Is my food produced ethically?” and “How is my food impacting the environment?”

Students watching the EcoTeam Movie Screening of “Okja.” Image by Jenny Bai.

Many attendees and executives thought the screening was a great success. The film was very enjoyable and most of the audience felt that they had learned new and valuable lessons. Ave Thomson, an attendee, said “It was great that they showed a movie with different cultures and perspectives. The film itself was very impactful as well. The message was very relevant to today’s society.” The film inspired attendees to dig deeper into the topic of animal ethics while also interesting them in joining Eco Team.

Even though the Eco Team’s main goal of spreading awareness of animal ethics was successfully achieved, club executives still believe that there are certain things that could be improved for future screenings. The screening was originally set to begin from 1 to 3 April, but members of the club realized that there were a number of unaccounted events that would have affected the event’s attendance, such as the OSSLT and unhealthy food sale. Reflecting on some potential changes that could be made, Dylan Xiao, vice president of the Eco Team, said, “I think advertising should be done earlier next year, but the issue with that is that hosting a movie screening event needs a few consecutive days, which is really difficult as there are always events arising at our school.”

Raising awareness for animal ethics isn’t the only initiative the Eco Team is currently working on. A member of the club, Tazik Shahjahan, is leading the paperless announcement initiative which aims to eliminate waste produced by paper-written announcements. The Eco Team is also launching a pilot waste management project to make MGCI more eco-friendly. This project will tackle waste management by distributing “paper-only” recycling bins that will be taken down weekly by select students. This is done to avoid non-recyclable items, such as liquids and other foreign items.

This definitely isn’t the last time you’ll hear of MGCI’s Eco Movie Screening. If you missed out on this year’s screening, don’t stressthis is an annual event that is sure to grow in numbers in the near future.