I’m not talking about your aspirations and goals. I’m not talking about your outlook on the future. I’m talking about:

Freefalling thousands of miles,

Flying brooms to the moon,

Hippogriffs and basilisks,

Three fingers, eight toes.

Crash into bed and sink into your pillow. Close your eyes and wait for those three letters. R. E. M. There. You’ve got it. Anything you want. Almost.

Lucid dreams are when you have absolute control. You are always aware. Aware of where you are. Aware of whom you are. You are aware that you are dreaming.

You are dangerously free.

The best part of having lucid dreams is living in them. It’s your own fantasy world. The tricky part is accomplishing them. Everyone has stresses. University. Grades. Life in general. Everyone deserves a break. A dream life away from the so called “dream life”. I can help. You only need to follow four easy and simple steps.

You must pinch yourself at random times in real life, to reassure your wakeful state. We shall call this the “reality check”. If you do this enough, it will become habit, habit that will leak into your dreams. It will allow you to determine when you are dreaming and when you are not.

You must re-tell. Every time you wake from a dream, record it. This may be via dream journal or dream recorder. Just imagine that you are talking to a psychologist.  Reveal all the miscellaneous details of your dreams, and wait for them to uncover some repressed childhood issue because of the heart-shaped flower pots instead of the usual oval ones.  Doing this will create signs. Dream signs. They will pop out screaming “Hey you! Yes, you are dreaming! You can do whatever you want!”

Timing. It is all about the timing. This is a very hit and miss category. If you have ever had a lucid dream before, think long and hard back to that perfect day. What time did you sleep? What were the settings? How did you feel? Were you especially tired? Trying to recreate that day will help  to accomplish that same dream-like state. Speaking from experience, they are most common on Sunday afternoons.

This final step requires dedication. It is called the waking sleeper. After five hours of sleeping you must awake for an hour. Lucid. Lucid. Lucid. This must be the only thing on your mind from 1 to 2 pm. After this horrifying, tiresome, dragging hour, go back to sleep. Get ready to experience the dream of your lifetime.

I realize that accomplishing all of these steps requires time and dedication.  Guess what? You don’t need to do all of them. You can do one. You can do a combination.  Just find works best for you, and go with it. Once you get used to it, the dreams may come naturally.

Or you could be a rebel, a risk-taker. Crash into bed and sink into your pillow. Close your eyes and wait for nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just sleep. Whatever comes will come, but you will face it head on. No need to be so emotional. It’s all just a figment of your imagination.

Good night and sweet, sweet dreams.


*Warning: Be sure to pinch yourself. This may all be a part of a very thrilling dream.