Love was in the air on 14 February 2017. This Valentine’s Day, MGCI’s Key Club, Undercover Kindness, and SAC hosted various events to spread love throughout the school.

MGCI Clubs, such as Undercover Kindness, held events on 14 Feb for the student body. Photo: Julien Lin

Key Club led Garneau’s Valentine’s Day spirit with its week-long rose sale. Students purchased roses and an accompanying note for anyone in the school. Advertised extensively on Facebook and throughout Garneau, roses were sold in the galleria at lunch from 7 to 13 February. The first fifty roses were sold at an early-bird price of $1.00 each, while the remainder was sold at $3.00 each. Key Club President Yong Da Li said the club sold out their stock, selling over eighty roses. During periods one and two on Valentine’s Day, Key Club members delivered the roses and notes to students in their classrooms, bringing smiles to the faces of many.

At lunch, Undercover Compliments Garneau held the Heart to Heart event. Students were encouraged to spread love through heart-shaped messages and received treats for their kindness. Over one hundred of these hearts were filled out during lunch at a stand in the Galleria. One of the event’s organizers, Muizz Hussain, said, “People had a positive attitude towards the activity and it encouraged everyone to write about what they love.” The hearts are expected to soon be displayed in the school for everyone to see.

Finally, MGCI’s Student Council organized a giveaway to celebrate the holiday. Students wearing red and pink received free hot chocolate from the SAC office at lunch. The giveaway was a huge success and over three batches of hot chocolate were used. When asked about SAC’s spirit event, an anonymous student commented that the hot chocolate “did not taste very good” and that they were “very disappointed.” However, the student praised SAC for “working hard to spread love through the school.”

SAC offered free hot chocolate to all students dressed in red or pink. Photo: Julien Lin

Outside of the cafeteria, Garneau’s Cougar mascot was also out and about for Valentine’s Day. In anticipation of MGCI’s Vegas City Semi-Formal on 24 February, the Cougar roamed throughout the school trying to find a date for the special night. His hilarious adventure was filmed and posted by SAC on their various social media pages.