the sky spreads its wings over the whole planet
and even the feathers tinted red and purple and black
turn blue someday

if i were to live forever, i would have to watch you die
if i were to die right now, i would never see you again
i want nothing to do with my time but i do not know if i can give it to you

a mother gives an extra dollar to her child to buy popcorn, though she cannot afford it
a child buys 2 bags of popcorn, one for herself and one for the birds
a pigeon eats a snack tossed onto the grass and calls for its flock to come share

a man lies on the road and nobody lends him a penny
a woman crouches in a dark alley and nobody lends her a hand
a water droplet turns into a cloud and is thrown to the ground again

i wish for the summer to come back to me, though
i know when it is warm on this side of the world,
someone is freezing on the other side

and yet, the birds and sky and the man on the road and i
strive forever forwards in search of

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