On 7 March, students from Marc Garneau CI, Woburn CI, Pickering High School, Dr. Norman Bethune CI, Earl Haig SS, and Toronto Math Circles gathered at Marc Garneau’s for a team Math Tournament. Students from grades 6 to 12 competed in three rounds of various mathematics questions. The math tournament was held by the executive members of Marc Garneau’s Math Club: Fredrick Ngo, Elnaz Hessami Pilehrood, Lawrence Pang, Jennifer Huang, Jennifer Guo, Thinula De Silva, and Yiqun Zhang.

The first round was called ‘Blitz” and all ten teams were given a package of questions to complete. The faster they finished and submitted their answers, the more points they were awarded.

Photo: Cindy Cui

Students competed fervently in the math tournament. Photo: Cindy Cui

The second round consisted of a team event where students worked together to solve math problems. This round was a clear favourite between many students.

The third round was titled “Guts”. The teams were given a question, and as soon as they finished, they handed it in and got their next question. There were a total of six consecutive miniature rounds.

The top three results of the competition are as follows:

In third place – Insπre from Earl Haig

In second place – Toronto Math Circles

In first place – a team from Marc Garneau CI.

Iulia Vatamanu, a previous student of Marc Garneau, and a current student at Pickering High School was a competitor at the competition. She also said that “This was very exciting, but a lot more difficult than I had anticipated, and it a required a lot more teamwork than I thought it would”. When asked if they would attend again, Fayaz Ahmed from Woburn CI said that he would most definitely come back.