Image: Cindy Cui

Image: Cindy Cui

The Social Justice and Equity March took place 21 Sept 2016 during the lunch hour. Held alongside Spirit Week’s International Day and the United Nations International Day of Peace by SAC, the march consisted of students walking around the first floor and back field with signs about social issues.

SAC had also planned to show a documentary-style video for the event but due to technical difficulties, the video showing was delayed to 12:35 pm, and the march was held first. The goal of the event was to increase awareness in the student body on various social issues and shed light on the impact they have had, particularly within the school.

Approximately 20 students walked through the cafeteria, along the back field, and in the galleria. They carried signs about social issues such as healthcare in developing countries, discrimination, rape culture, stigma surrounding mental health, and police brutality. When asked about their sign, Grade 12 students, Tooba Zia and Hira Durvesh, representing Education in Third World Countries, said, “We believe there are a lot of kids who are not as privileged as we are to have an education. Education is very powerful but it’s something that a lot of people are denied.”

Firaz, a Grade 12 student with a sign about discrimination, commented, “discrimination is a problem that has been going on for years. It’s not only limited to developed countries and affects people daily.”

Following the march, the global peace video was played. Produced by SAC and the Social Justice and Equity Committee, it consisted of a series of interviews in which students were asked about current issues such as the Syrian crisis. Due to the low audience, SAC decided the video would be more effective if played during spare periods, rather than at lunch. The Council plans on displaying the video at school in the cafeteria during the following weeks. When asked about the event, Social Justice and Equity Convenor Lisa Wang said she hoped to hold another march next year.