Students gather to examine and appreciate their peers' artwork.

Students gather to examine and appreciate their peers’ artwork.

A kaleidoscopic exhibit was held on 19 February in room 211. The annual MGCI Art Show displayed a few of the colourful works from a number of the many talented artists in our school. Held by the art department as part of the visual arts’ curriculum, the original show lasted the entire day from 8:15 am to 4:00 pm. Featuring paintings, sculptures, crafts, and other types of visual art, the imagination and vibrancy of the art pieces attracted impressed students and teachers alike.

Due to the teachers’ ongoing conflict the show could not be held outside class hours. Unfazed, art students volunteered their spares beginning two weeks before the show to help with the arrangements. Art students and friends of art students came in to set up on February 15th, the school’s P.D. Day. All of the arts classes were invited to attend.

“I think it’s pretty cool because I’ve always thought MGCI has one of the best art departments out there, and it’s a good way to show other non-art students what art is like. The Art Show had a great turnout and it was well-respected.” says Khadija Aziz, the President of Art Council.

Having set up a feedback system with comment slips, the overall results were very positive. Students were able to write comments to specific artists, and many were seen walking around the exhibit with a pencil and a bunch of slips in hand. Khadija tells us she felt like “it was a win-win for all: art students got to be proud of themselves, non-art students got to learn and be inspired, the art teachers were proud of the art students and thus themselves, and the volunteers had a great time volunteering.”

Although this year’s art show was very successful, it is unlikely that there will be one for the second semester art students due to a shortage of both teachers and student volunteers. However, those looking to get more involved with the art department can participate in upcoming art contests, or choose to take art courses in the next school year.