2. The head of the Space Resource Centre: Lang

4. Number of schools Ms. Goldenberg has been an administrator at (excluding MGCI): ten

5. Physics teacher with a PhD: Patrascu

8. The social science teacher who has worked at Garneau the longest: Melville

11. The VP in charge of the snack program: Mazzaferro

12. Marc Garneau’s school budget is ___ figures: six

13. The OSSTF Branch President of our school: Jan

15. Last name of our SAC Treasurer and Vice-President: Wu

18. The VP with the second-most seniority: Liebster

19. School council co-chair: Dasoo

20. The VP who is a part-time actor: Sharp


1. The first name of our superintendent: Rauda

3. MGCI’s school population is ___ than 1900: less

6. The head of the English department: Alexander

7. The first name of our Trustee: Gerri

9. One of our school colours: burgundy

10. The VP in charge of the Semester 1 exam schedule: Noack

14. First name of the younger Fox: Nathan

16. The teacher who organized Winterfest: Woods

17. Our previous principal: Blair