On 9 to 11 February, 49 Marc Garneau students competed at the annual DECA Ontario Provincial Competition. As in previous years, the competition took place at the Sheraton Centre in downtown Toronto, where over 7 000 high school students from all over Ontario competed for a chance to represent the province at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC). This year’s ICDC will be held on 24 April to 1 May 2017, in Anaheim, California.

Students competed in either oral or written events, with the top seven competitors from each event qualifying for ICDC. The oral events, completed either individually or in pairs, involved roleplays alongside cluster-based exams. In written events, teams of one to three presented business proposals which were prepared beforehand. Competitors in the written categories were scored based on their written proposal and their presentation skills.

Provincial competitors in oral events qualified through regional events, which were held last November. Students competing in written events were not required to compete at DECA regionals.

“This year was filled with incredible experiences that I will never forget,” said Jessica Fung, a DECA Ontario Provincial Officer and a Grade 12 MGCI student. “I also loved feeling the Garneau pride every single time one of our chapter’s members walked across the stage—it was surreal to be standing up there next to them.”

49 students from the Marc Garneau CI DECA chapter competed at this year’s provincials competition, an increase from the 45 students last year. Additionally, twelve MGCI students qualified for the international competition, matching last year’s record number.

When asked about his success this weekend, Tom Liu, a Grade 9 student who placed second overall in his event, said, “It’s all thanks to my DECA chapter, and support from all of the executives. My next goal is to train hard… and represent my chapter and DECA Ontario the best I can.”

The Reckoner congratulates the following students for their outstanding accomplishments while representing Marc Garneau at the 2017 DECA provincial competition:

Cindy Cui and Riling Chen: Top 15 Roleplay, Top 15 Exam, Top 10 Finalist, 1st Overall

Eric Shang: Top 15 Exam, 1st Overall

Yong Da Li, Matthew Tse, and Lisa Wang: 1st Overall

Hargun Kaur and Abirami Sivakanthan: Top 15 Roleplay, Top 15 Exam (Hargun), Top 10 Finalist, 1st Overall

Tom Liu: Top 15 Roleplay 1, Top 15 Roleplay 2, Top 10 Finalist, 2nd Overall

Jason Cai: Top 15 Roleplay 2, Top 15 Exam, Top 10 Finalist, 6th Overall

Madhumita Nathani: Top 15 Roleplay 1, Top 15 Roleplay 2, Top 10 Finalist

Jaitra Chaudhuri: Top 15 Exam, Top 10 Finalist

Hannah He: Top 15 Roleplay 1, Top 15 Exam

Cheng Cheng Lin and Maddy Kim: Top 15 Roleplay

Tazik Shahjahan: Top 15 Roleplay 1

Angela Pang: Top 15 Exam

Russell Ijaya: Top 15 Exam

Amy Chen: Top 15 Exam

Ryan Lin: Top 15 Exam

Jeffrey Qiu: Top 15 Exam

Charmaine Chang: Top 15 Exam

Aurthy Amaranath: Top 15 Exam

Saurav Luthra: Top 15 Exam

Jessica Fung, Cindy Cui, Riling Chen, Eric Shang, Yong Da Li, Matthew Tse, Lisa Wang, Hargun Kaur, Abirami Sivakanthan, Tom Liu, Jason Cai, Angela Pang, Laura Lu, and Jaitra Chaudhuri will compete at ICDC later this year.