MGCI EcoTeam hosted their annual Eco Movie screening from 28 February to 2 March 2018 with this year’s environmental film being Geostorm.

Students watching the movie in Room 227. Photo: Matthew Tse

Released in 2017, Dean Devlin’s Geostorm is an action/disaster film starring Gerard Butler centered around the concept of humans harbouring the ability to control the global climate. The film follows EcoTeam’s tradition of screening movies discussing humans’ negative impact on the environment and the need for change, with last year’s being the animated film Princess Mononoke.

In terms of selecting Geostorm as this year’s movie, EcoTeam executive Jasmine Zhu said, “We had a meeting and asked members of EcoTeam which movies they wanted to watch and then held a poll. This movie was also more related to the environment than some of the others.”

The hour and forty-nine minute movie was screened in Room 227 across three lunch periods on consecutive days. Each day, the audience consisted of approximately twenty students who were offered chips, and free hot chocolate on the condition that they bring their own reusable mug.

When asked about the event’s turnout, Jasmine said, “I feel like more people showed up who were non-EcoTeam members this year which was great because last year we had less people and they were mostly members.”

Reflecting on the movie, Grade 10 audience member Fiona Ferrera said, “Geostorm’s ending was rather anticlimactic but the rest of the movie regarding humanity’s total control over weather was a really intriguing concept.”

Following this year’s success, EcoTeam plans to continue their annual movie screenings and hope to gain even more attendees in the future.