Drama galore and months of waiting to see whether or not we’d fit into dresses bought months ago led up to one very anticipated night. It didn’t disappoint. Garneau’s prom, held at the Liberty Grand, was incredible and probably one of the best nights of the year for me. Many teachers were there along with a DJ that played music that made us nostalgic, got us pumped, and made us want to dance like we had never before (I even pulled a muscle). The food was delicious and the appetizer of popcorn was a cute tribute to the red-carpet theme. And the theme was only made better by how stylish everyone was, pulling up in white stretch limos, beautiful hairstyles, and sexy shoes. Getting pictures taken in front of a red curtain backdrop completed the theme. It was really nice seeing so many people who we see everyday in the hallways not so happy from all the stressful school work, letting loose and feeling their best, and just having a great time with everyone.