Marc Garneau has recently had the pleasure of introducing a new caretaker to its staff. Mr. Chanmugam has been working with the TDSB for 25 years, and transferred here from his job at Market Place to work closer to home.He is replacing Dave Drysdale, Garneau’s former head caretaker. To Mr. Chanmugam so far, the most impressive attribute of Marc Garneau is its demographic. He enjoys the culture and business of such a vibrant community, although it’s a change from working in elementary schools where the student body is 300 kids. For fifteen years he’s been working a the elementary level where he’s been able to know all the kids by name and form personal connections with the students. Certainly working at Garneau will be a big change, and we are happy to have him.

Mr. Chanmugam is Marc Garneau C.I.'s new head caretaker.

Mr. Chanmugam is Marc Garneau C.I.’s new head caretaker. Photo: Susie Liu