Alumni pose with special guest Dr. Marc Garneau.

Established as Overlea Secondary School in 1972, the school that students now call Marc Garneau CI turned the big four-zero this fall. Forty years of school means a lot of graduates out there—that’s where the Overlea Garneau Alumni Association (OGAA) comes in. The organization reconnects grads with old classmates and the school they once called home.

The OGAA hosted Garneau’s 40th Anniversary Reunion Gala last Saturday. Over 300 alumni (one flew in from Hong Kong, and another from Yellowknife) gathered at the event, along with principal Ricky Goldenberg and former OSS/MGCI teachers. Also in attendance was school namesake and special guest Dr. Marc Garneau. Grads reconnected over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres; a silent auction followed the evening’s reception, with proceeds supporting scholarships for Garneau students.  After a sumptuous dinner, OGAA president Fareed Khan, Dr. Garneau, and Ms. Goldenberg all shared their thoughts on the school’s 40th anniversary. The evening closed with desserts and live music on the dance floor. Unfortunately, The Reckoner failed to obtain photographic evidence of Ms. Goldenberg getting her groove on.

Grads know how to have fun.

But why bother? Why bring alumni back at all? It’s only high school—no, becauseit’s high school. “High school reunions give former students a chance to come back and show their former teachers and old friends what they have made of themselves since they graduated,” said Mr. Khan. “It allows them to reconnect with a more innocent time in their lives.” After all, reunions are about memories, friends, and even enemies. “You’ve spent four years of your life here,” said Jiarui Pu, the SAC External Affairs Officer. “High school is a part of your social DNA, and your graduating class is family.” Did sitcoms get it wrong, then? What about the successful nerd, or the balding, middle-aged jock? “Surprisingly, old friends and classmates haven’t changed as much as we would have thought,” said Mr. Khan. “Of course there are those whose hair has thinned and greyed and those who may have gained or lost weight, but for the most part if you look at someone you knew you see the person they were when you were with them in school.”Graduating students, no need to feel left out. Just wait until the big five-o in 2022. Party hard.All pictures courtesy of Jeremy Cove, Cove’s Photography. The OGAA website can be found here.