Congratulations to Vitally and James!

Congratulations to Vitaliy and James!

Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute has always put an emphasis on sciences and technology. Home to an auto-shop, numerous computer and science labs, as well as a space resource centre, MGCI offers a wide variety of science and tech courses, ranging from AP Physics to Multimedia, as well as special programs including, TOPS (Talented Offerings for Programs in the Sciences) and SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major, a program which consists of four major credits for specialization in a specific skill, and a cooperative education term on top of the regular high school standard credits), for students interested in pursuing the science and technology sectors respectively.  The technological field specifically covers such areas such as integrated technologies, Technological Design, and Transportation. This year, Garneau’s tech students participated in both individual and team events at the TDSB/Experiential Learning Technological Skills Competition.

Skills Canada, part of the Experiential Learning Department of the TDSB, is responsible for hands on education. Each year, Skills Canada hosts a cross-category contest for both teams and individuals, spanning topics such as graphic design, 3D character animation, culinary arts, prepared speech, and other skill and practical experience based categories.  The qualifying round was hosted on 27 March, and a province wide competition to determine who advances into the next round in May, where the finalists are selected out of 1900 competitors entering in over 60 contest areas.  This year, part of the TDSB Technological Skills competition preliminary rounds were held at Garneau, one of the hosts in the North East quadrant.

Garneau’s 3D Character Animation partners Faraz Oman and Harshan Mohanaraj, and James Samuel and Vitaliy Novikov finished in second and third for the north east quadrant, advancing on to the next round.  The team for Web Site Development took a complete sweep of all three top placements, with Halim Hakimi, Anmol Singh, and Henok Keflu taking first, second, and third respectively.  Finally, Graphic Design competitors Owais Tauqir, Hiba Durvesh, and Maria Shafir took the top three stops for North East Quadrant as well.

Congratulations, Garneau!