It was a century ago

when the stars lit in a gleaming sky-


Over the horizon we watched

the midnight blue

Still etched in your eyes

The crystal surface of a glistening pearl

adorned in the night sky

sang out its melody.

A whisper to the soul, it was

a song for our beating hearts,

an anthem that we called our own,

grooving until the night has passed.


As the clock struck twelve

and the shadows lurked,

the midnight chime rose

and marked our hearts.

And as the night fades,

the yearning in our hearts

defies its steady rhythm

to beat with the thrashing winds.


Was it us who sang

of the growing trees?

Us who danced to the spring fly’s tune,

or mere shadows strung together

by threads so thin

that we collapsed,

and never were we to rise again.


It was a century ago

when we met across the starlit field

A hundred years have passed

yet we still sing to the midnight chime.