MGCI’s very own team of participants attended the annual Muslim Interscholastic Tournament (MIST) on 13 and 14 March 2021. While in previous years students would go to the University of Toronto’s St George Campus to compete, this year’s event was virtual. 

MIST is a tournament in which high school students in fourteen US cities and Toronto as the only Canadian city compete in a variety of areas. Competitions are divided into six categories including art, Quran and knowledge, sports, writing and oratory, group projects, and bracket competitions such as the famous MIST Bowl, a team trivia competition. The event was promoted by MGCI’s own Muslim Student Association (MSA) through their social media and information meetings were held for interested participants. Registration was done online through the MIST Toronto website in February. 

Each year’s MIST also centers around a theme, with the theme for 2021 being “The Character of Community: healing together as one.” Participants were encouraged to reflect on how the pandemic has made their communities more resilient and brought them together to stand against injustices, such as racial discrimination, despite physical distance.

This year, competitors from MGCI competed in spoken word and Quran over the weekend, and plan to compete in E-sports during the week of 14 March to 20 March. The awards ceremony will be held on 21 March where winning participants and top five schools will be ranked in terms of competition. Winners from each region will move on to compete in the national tournament, which will be announced at a later date. 

MGCI was announced to be in the top five schools for spirit points earlier this week. 

Labibah Salim, president of MSA and spoken word competitor at MIST, reflected on her experience. “As this is my last year [as a high school student], I never got to experience MIST as an in-person event. I’m hoping in the future there are more opportunities for students to come, as I had an amazing time doing this event.”

MIST 2021 gave students the chance to connect in the face of separation, and allowed them to reflect on what truly brings them together.