Youth Hub

Toronto Public Library presents Youth Hub! Get free homework help for Grade 7 and up on Tuesdays from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm at Flemingdon Park Library. Snacks are also available.

Diplomacy Club

Are you into strategy? What about having a fun time with friends? Are you looking to meet new people in a friendly environment and play some board games? If you match any of these requirements come on down to the Diplomacy Club! Our first meeting is on 20 September in room 233. We can’t wait for you to join the club and have a good time. No prior experience required. See you there!

Art Council

Art Council is back! Come to the Art Room (Rm. 111) on Tuesdays after school to get involved with the art scene at Garneau! From murals to Doodlefest, we have something for everyone. Volunteer hours are provided.


Friends, Romans, TOPS Students…lend me your ears…All your paperwork for Stratford is due on Monday or Tuesday right after school in room 212. Grade 9 students and any students new to TOPS, your payment is also due on those days.

Message from Administration

This is a reminder to students who have their lunch outside on school property to please not leave any garbage. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Spirit Week

Attention MGCI!!! Today is the start of Spirit Week. Activities will be held at lunch in the Cafeteria every day until Thursday. Today’s theme is meme day. We hope you are all dressed up and will participate in events!

MGCI Mentors

Are you a strong academic student? Do you want to gain essential mentoring experience and leadership while getting volunteer hours? MGCI Mentoring is back for 2018-2019 and is looking for students to act as mentors to other students. Registration is being held outside the SAC office from 17 September to 21 September.

Girls Ultimate Frisbee

Any girls interested in playing on the girls ultimate frisbee team please come by the phys ed office today at lunch for a brief information meeting. Thanks!

Project A.C.R.E.

Volunteers are needed! Join us in cleaning up the Thorncliffe Park ravine and environment! Come to Leaside Park on Saturday, 6 October at 9:00 am. Lunch will be served at noon.

Reckoner Information Session

Are you a photo fanatic? Do you have a way with words? Can you be an excellent editor? If you answered yes, you should join The Reckoner, Marc Garneau’s award-winning newspaper. To learn more, we’ll be holding an information session today in Room 213. Applications can be found on the MGCI Updates Facebook page or Applications close 30 September 2018 at 11:59 pm.

Civic Engagement Volunteering

MPP Kathleen Wynn’s office is accepting applications for Civic Engagement Volunteering Activities for events held between October and June 2018-209 (summer opportunities are also available). Volunteers will receive:

  1. Invitation from MPP Wynne to attend Queen’s Park to participate in a question and answer with her and observe a formal Members’ Question Period at the Ontario Legislature
  2. Orientation by Constituency Office staff on how the Ontario Government works.
  3. Fulfillment of volunteer hours assigned by their school or for personal growth in a professional manner.
  4. Training on roles and responsibilities at events
  5. Personalized acknowledgement letter

Deadline to apply is September 28, 2018. Applications are available in Student Services.