2017 Career TALK

Come listen to vibrate, vivacious speakers share their knowledge, expertise, and passion of various professions including plumbing, screen writing, social work, acting, mortuary science, and others. Students in the Public Speaking course will be hosting a series of Career Talks starting on 8 May in Room 217 during Period 1. Students with Period 1 spare are invited to the 2017 Career TALK.

Boys Baseball

Please allow the boys baseball team players to be dismissed at 11:15 am for their 1:00 pm game. Players go straight to the change room to get bus tickets.

Tennis Tournament

If you are participating in the tennis tournament, please come see Ms. Bearg at lunch today in Room 103.

TDSB Business Studies Certificate of Endorsement

If you have four or more business studies credits and are graduating this year, apply for the TDSB Business Studies Certificate of Endorsement. See Mr. Barrington, Mr. Alika, or Mr. Matevski ASAP!

Summer School

Summer school information is now available online at www.creditprograms.ca. Course offerings and locations are located on the window in Student Services. Instructions on how to log in and select summer courses are also available in the Student Services office. You must see your counsellor with a signed permission form for approval. Deadline for summer school registration and approvals is Tuesday, 27 June at noon.

Mind Your Mind Art Competition

The deadline for the Mind Your Mind art competition, which accepts poetry, writing, and artwork, is 10 May. Prizes include gift cards for $25, $15, and $10 to Starbucks, Chipotle, Cineplex, Indigo, or Curry’s Art Store. Artwork can be given to Nicole in Room 218.

Co-op Registration

If you choose Co-op next year, you must complete the Google registration form. You’ll see our flyers next to the Co-op office, Room 104, or posted around the school. Programs are already filling up so register today!