You’re cruel.




And selfish.


There’s an ugly creature hidden inside, always trying to climb its way out.

It doesn’t matter if you barricade the entrance, or bulldoze the stairs,

it always finds a way out.


I should hate you.

I should be repulsed by the sight of this thing.

I should leave, get as far away from it as I can, breaking off all ties.


And yet, I don’t.

I don’t feel hatred

I don’t feel repulsion


And I don’t want to walk away.


I want to encourage it, to see what it’ll do next. How far it’s willing to go to get what it wants.

I watch as the monster crawls into your soul, sinking its claws in, declaring it as its new home.


Seeing your monster satiate its hunger makes the one locked inside me want to burst out of its chains.


You can be cruel, but so can I.

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