Game Highlights of the Week by: Zain Altaf


Toronto Raptors vs Los Angeles Lakers: 113-104 (Sunday November 10th)

Kyle Lowry out for 2 weeks with a thumb injury as the Raptors enter the game shorthanded against the Los Angeles Lakers. With the Lakers 7 game win streak on the line, star Anthony Davis put up 27 points and LeBron put up a triple double stat line. The whole night was a back and forth affair between the teams, neither allowing the other to pull away. However, it was Siakam’s dominance in the fourth quarter that allowed the Raptors to pull away with the victory. The highlight of the game came late in the game as Pascal Siakam crossed over Anothy Davis and drove inside the paint for a layup to seal the game. LeBron spoke to reporters after the game crediting the Raptors for fighting it out and said that the Lakers transition game was the focal point for their loss.     

Memphis Grizzlies vs Charlotte Hornets: 119-117 (Wednesday November 13th)


The Grizzlies on their road trip facing the Charlotte Hornets. The game was filled with highlights but none shone brighter than Ja Morant. The second overall draft pick proved why he is the 2020 rookie of the year through his incredible stat line of 23 points and 11 assists. Early in the game, he went behind the back and laid up an impressive basket. In crunch time, Terry Rozier became a problem for the Grizzlies as he dribbled by many defenders and finished strong at the rim. With the game close, Graham hit a big three to tie the game at 117 apiece. Off the inbound, the Grizzlies gave the ball to Ja Morant who crossed by his defender and with less than two seconds on the clock, converted a tough up and under layup to win the game. 


Los Angeles Clippers vs New Orleans Pelicans: 127-132 (Thursday November 14th)


Since Greg Popovich’s introduction of load management, many players have begun to sit out games—all to preserve their bodies. Kawhi Leonard was out with load management as the Clippers look to steal this game on the road against the Pelicans. Tonight was also the debut for the star forward Paul Geoge with his new team, the Los Angeles Clippers. Paul George immediately had an immense impact, scoring 33 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists. However, this collective Clippers effort was not enough as Jrue Holiday took over in both halves. He capped off the first half with a facial poster on Patrick Patterson. The entire bench and stadium erupted at the sight of the amazing poster. From there, the Pelicans cruised to a victory. After the game, Paul George spoke with reporters. He said his effort was extremely poor, especially on the defensive end. But he also remarked that his continued effort would ensure his longevity with the team and he would help them win.


New York Knicks vs Dallas Mavericks: 106-103 (Thursday November 14th)  

Kristaps Porzingis making his return to New York after being traded 2 seasons ago. As the commentators called his name, fans expressed their frustration by booing Porzingis as he walked during starters’ call up. This impacted his performance allowing him to score only 20 points the entire game. However, Luka Doncic carried the offensive load, supporting the team going into the second half. He finished the game with a triple double including 33 points on 10 of 23 shooting. The final seconds of the game were back and forth between both teams until Marcus Morris Senior put the game away with a smooth through the leg step-back three. Seth Curry’s final efforts at beating the buzzer were futile as the Knicks took the win at home.     


Boston Celtics vs Sacramento Kings: 100-99 (Friday November 17th)


Boston’s 10-game win-streak on the line as they look to take on the Sacramento Kings in California. The last moments of the game were the make or break for the Celtics. Buddy Hield finished the game with career highs in points (35) and rebounds (6). Hield looked to put away the Celtic win streak. With 13 seconds on the clock, Marcus Smart drove into the lane and put up a promising floater, looking to keep the win-streak alive. With a Kawhi-like bounce on the rim, it rimmed out and the Kings break the hearts of all Celtics fans.