A donor family stands outside the New Circles office with gifts.

Winter holidays are the jolliest weeks of the year, with all the sleep, presents, and rampant consumerism. There are, however, those who cannot afford these luxuries—their holidays are spent working shifts to make ends meet. It’s a fairly common story around Flemingdon and Thorncliffe. New immigrants often come to Canada with very little left over—New Circles Holiday Angel program exists to give back to those less fortunate in the community.

The Holiday Angel program connects needy families with donors who provide gifts and necessities in the spirit of the holiday season. The family’s wishlist is provided to the donor as a shopping guide. The New Circles Flemingdon office receives the gifts and distributes them to recipient families.

“We have been living in Canada for almost one year now and adapting to this new environment and culture has been extremely hard for us,” wrote one family. “Building up a home in a new and unfamiliar country is not an easy job, but thanks to help from organizations such as New Circles and kind and very big hearted people like you, it has become easier for us starting our new life in Canada.”

Holiday Angel has helped over three thousand people over the past six years. For more information on the Holiday Angel program, visit the New Circles website here.