The Marc Garneau senior girl’s basketball team is no more. Or at least for now. It’s a devastating blow to the already sparse sports program at this school that no teachers stepped up to coach. The basketball team has always done Garneau proud and is one of the best teams we’ve got. Some other great teams that have done well at this school include the boy’s basketball teams, the boy’s cricket team and the boy’s soccer team. Notice anything fishy?
Yes, the teachers are all very busy with their teaching, and some great teachers are even busy with other extra-curriculars, but it always seems the girl’s teams come second choice to the boy’s. Nobody knows why the school makes it so difficult to get a team running. Physical activity is usually something that a school promotes, not something it discourages. The girl’s field hockey team this year also had some difficulties finding a coach but luckily Mr. Lau agreed to take these feisty ladies on.
But what a tragedy that the basketball team, who could be winning gold, will not be at all this fall season. It would be wonderful if one of the girls could coach, and many of them would be willing. But the rules are that a teacher must be present at tryouts and practices, and the rules mean that there will be no senior girls’ basketball team.