On a certain street on a certain night, a lady walked down the street. She couldn’t sleep, because sleeping required one to rid themselves of their thoughts, and at this certain hour, her thoughts were too stubborn, and thus, she just let them run around. Still, she was dreaming, dreaming of where her childhood self had hoped her to be, although she believed hope was a lie, mostly because life had taken all of her dreams and crushed them mercilessly, beyond recognition. She was alone, the type of alone she liked, where the only person in all of her world was herself, not the alone where there is an invisible glass wall between her and everyone else so the world is rushing past her. But, really, she wasn’t not that alone because the world hums and shouts and chatters and makes a lot of background noise, occasionally even poking the glass wall. By habit, she walked with her hands in her pockets and looked down at the sidewalk. Some might say that it was because she was afraid of the rest of the world, which she was indeed, but really, she just liked to count how many steps she took per section and enjoyed studying the bumps and cracks and all the different rocks you could sometimes find. Perhaps, if she’d looked up, she’d notice that there was exactly one room still lit at that hour, and if she’d looked into that window, she’d have noticed a young girl staring down at her disdainfully, because how dare she disturb her beautiful loneliness.


The girl had been staring out the window. She couldn’t sleep either. But it wasn’t that she’d tried to fall asleep and couldn’t, it just seemed so romantic to be up all alone, daydreaming and staring at the stars. Of course, the streetlights made it rather hard to spot any stars, but that didn’t stop her from looking hopefully at the sky thinking “It’s a bright dot! It’s a plane! It’s a star! Oh, it’s blinking and moving, it’s just a plane.” Eventually, her mind started wandering off. How pretty it would be to be among the stars. She spent a moment, up there among the stars. It was just rather unfortunate that her grades didn’t quite keep up with her dreams. She had time, though. She was still young, and had not had to face the harshness of life just yet, sheltered as she was. Her grades, though. There was a test the next day that she could only hope she was prepared well enough for. Suddenly, she fell from that place among the stars and was back in the nook next to her window, noticing that her back was starting to hurt a little bit from her bad posture and her right foot was asleep. That’s when she looked down, and saw the lady, the stranger, the intruder.


The lady wouldn’t remember that night. Because if she did, she would have looked up from the sidewalk and saw none other than herself, still unscarred and unafraid. 


Photo: courtesy of Famartin