Nostalgia (noun)

nos·​tal·​gia |  \ nä-ˈstal-jə

  1. The feeling when you’re in the middle of an empty parking lot and the breeze carries over the smell of pollen and grass and the summer heat radiating off the sidewalk, and for a moment you are a ten year old running around on a field with laughter and chatter in the background, and there’s that twinge of longing to be a child running around carefree, and not someone constantly on the verge of failure, and another twinge of pain, knowing that time has made you look at your childhood with rose-coloured glasses.
  2. When that song starts playing and it reminds you of sitting in the corner of a bookstore reading a book you’re not going to buy because you can, the 5th installment in a book series that you’ve been searching for months at the library but couldn’t find and were outrageously excited after finding it nice and crisp on that bookshelf at the back, and most of all, most importantly, feeling safe.
  3. Those yellow U-shaped monkey bars that you and your schoolmates would sit on and talk about whatever was deemed interesting at that time, so proud of how your 4 ft 10 selves climbed onto that spot, 80000 leagues above everyone else, staring at kids bustling about below your feet, the faint presence of rain in the air, the slightest glimpse of sun behind the endless expanse of grey you call a cloud.