I buried a seed

in a backyard soil mound

then I watered it


the smiling spring sun

teased a sprout out the soil

small and tender green


I watered it more

soaking the thirsty soil

feeding the small sprout


but then I forgot

all about my baby sprout

not on purpose though…


its soft green darkened

as it fought for survival

beneath the hot sun


a few days later

I found the small dying plant

I ran for water


I poured the whole can

as the water pooled quickly,

in murky puddles


drowning in water,

the mushy soaking soil

became treacherous


so the sprout shriveled,

lost all its vigour of life,

and I gave up too


so that’s the story

of my incompetency

to nurture spring plants

Photo: PhotoMIX Company on pexels.com