Image: Ava Pun


Every journey has an end. For one hundred and thirty-six Marc Garneau (MGCI) students, one such journey ended on 14 June 2019. Held at the Grand Luxe, the theme for Prom 2019 was “A Night To Remember.” For six straight hours, attendees sang, danced, and laughed to celebrate the end of their four-year high school career with dates and friends.


For six straight hours, attendees sang, danced, and laughed. Image: Ava Pun


Doors opened to the venue at 6:00 pm and closed at 7:00 pm. Students presented their prom tickets at the entrance and had their bags and pockets checked by staff members to ensure they were not carrying alcohol or other banned substances. Once inside, students were given the chance to take photos at photo booths and drink refreshments. A snacks counter was also opened later in the night.


At 7:00 pm, students were permitted to enter the ballroom, where dinner was served. There, students also voted for who they felt were deserving of several prom awards. Awards and winners are listed below:


Most Changed Since Freshman Year: Zimman Yousuf
Harshest Case of Senioritis: Denis Hu
Most Likely to Leave You on “Read”: Sharif Shiwa
Kindest Heart: Aarani Balachandran
Most Likely to be Late to Their Own Wedding: Hafsa Habeebuddin
Most Likely to be Prime Minister: Frank Hong
Most Likely to be a Youtuber: Bilal Ahmed
Most Likely to be a Rapper: Mohamed Omar
Class Clown: Rong Tao Luo
Best Dressed Female: Caryn Qian
Best Dressed Male: Jarar Khan
Prom Queen: Michelle Mackie
Prom King: Taelon Gray


Tickets sales for prom began on 29 April 2019 and ended 10 May. To encourage students to buy tickets earlier rather than last minute, ticket prices increased from $100 to $105 on the final day. Tickets this year were cheaper than last year’s, where they were sold for $110. To reduce the cost of prom tickets, the Student Activity Council (SAC) used the profit earned from candy gram sales and the SAC Food Fiesta.


In the past, prom was held later in the school year, only a few days before commencement. However, it was found that many students were still worn out by the time graduation came around. To prevent this, prom was moved to an earlier date in June and also held on a Friday instead of the usual Thursday.


In addition to the ticket prices and the change in date, a few other changes took place. This year, SAC played a slideshow during dinner featuring a compilation of videos and photos of memorable high school moments submitted by the students. Furthermore, the venue was changed from Guild Inn Estate to The Grand Luxe as last year at the Guild Inn Estate, MGCI students had to share the facility with another school. Students had also found the space too small. Fortunately, there were no such issues this year.


Hafsa Habeebuddin, the SAC Grad Convener and the organizer of Prom 2019, remarked, “I’m very happy with how prom turned out! Everything worked out and people seemed to be enjoying themselves [which] was the overall goal!”


For most students, prom is more than just another high school dance. It is a rite of passage. It symbolizes the end of high school and the beginning of life as an adult. Grade 12 student Dawood Khokar noted, “[Prom is] the last night you spend with everyone before you head off to post-secondary education. It’s the last night you get to truly enjoy with people you’ve grown with.”


In other words, it was truly a night to remember.