On 3 June, the school track was decorated with drawings and signatures by students who attended MGCI Art Council’s second annual Doodle Fest. Students could draw freely with chalk on the track, have their face painted, and play with bubbles. They were also given free snacks.

While students were doodling on the pavement, volunteers handed out freezes, chocolate chip cookies and Oreos. Eventually the supply of food ran out, but most participants were undisturbed by this. Many were preoccupied blowing bubbles and doodling on each other’s faces. Czarina Faun, a grade 10 student, said that her favourite activity was the face painting where anyone was allowed to use the paint.

Doodle Fest 12

In the week leading up to Doodle Fest, there was a social media campaign on Facebook, posters around the school, and a large sign hanging in the Galleria. Azra Alavi, a grade 9 volunteer, said “… my friends were really excited for Doodle Fest, a lot of them are volunteering.” 

Shuyi Wang, an executive on the Art Council, said that the backfield was a “perfect venue for Doodle Fest because of the big open space and the track where people can doodle with chalk.” Originally, the Art Council planned on holding a sports station in the back of the field. However, this was cancelled due to safety concerns and problems planning the logistics. However, the main goal of the event was to “encourage school spirit” and “engage students in art”.