On 28 September 2017, MGCI students, along with millions of others across Canada, participated in the annual Terry Fox run. The run honours Terry Fox who, having lost his right leg to bone cancer, ran over five thousand kilometres across Canada to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. While Fox ultimately lost his fight with cancer, over $750 million has since been raised worldwide for cancer research through the annual Terry Fox Run.

Students participating in the Terry Fox Run. Photo: Russell Ijaya

Mr. Fox organized this year’s annual Terry Fox Run, as he has for the past fifteen years. Each grade was called down, starting with the Grade 9 students at 9:20 am, to watch a video showcasing Terry Fox and the legacy of his Marathon of Hope. Students then walked the three kilometre route through ET Seton Park, guided by student volunteers from the Grade 11 Leadership class. The run started by heading north on Don Mills Road towards the Ontario Science Center and finished along Thorncliffe Drive. SAC members helped take pictures throughout the run, while the Garneau cougar was also present to encourage the students.

When asked about her thoughts on the run, Sheri Kim, a Grade 11 student, said, “Many people are suffering from cancer, but the Terry Fox run reminds me each year that there are also many individuals around the world who strive to support those in need and make a difference.”

Students walking the three kilometre path for the Terry Fox Run. Photo: Russell Ijaya

Although the event was enjoyed by both staff and students, there are improvements which can be made for next year. Tazik Shahjahan, another Garneau student, said, “As much as I support the spirit of the annual run, I think the school should place as much importance on fundraising as it currently does on raising awareness. For instance, the registration fee could be increased by anywhere from two to five dollars to go towards the fund. When added up, this would be a hefty sum.”

To fundraise, the “Toonie for Terry” campaign collected donations from first period classes. Although the total amount is yet to be counted, the school on average raises roughly $1 000 dollars per year. Mr. Fox, when asked about MGCI’s participation this year, said, “The goal of the “Toonie for Terry”  program is twofold. One is raising awareness and the other part is fundraising the money to donate to the Terry Fox Foundation for Cancer Research. And this year, as a school, we are going to break the $10 000 mark, which is great.”

Overall, MGCI’s fifteenth annual Terry Fox Run was a great success, honoring the legacy of Terry Fox, while continuing to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.