Many have never delighted
in the overcooked,
and what a shame that is for you all.

Only the strongest of wills may partake
In this dish like no other,
Only those who have mastered patience,
And whose taste buds are one of a kind
May enjoy this delicacy
And how delicate it truly is.

Take a bite, and a sip of milk,
And your world will be reformed,
Your life split into

The innards are creamy,
With the dry, chalkiness of the yolk
Tempered, by the gently sweet wetness of the milk,
Crumbles easily dissolve into a silky, luscious, solution.

The texture is unrivaled,
The flavor unmatched,
And you shall soon wonder,
Oh egg,
Where hast thou been all my life?

Photo: Mustafa Bashari on