Approximately ten members of the MGCI Alumni Association gathered in the Overlea Room for a meeting on 17 November 2015. The group consisted of old students who attended the school, current students who attend Marc Garneau, and teachers who have taught at the school from as far back as 1973.

The MGCI Alumni Association meets up several times a year, with the main goal of raising money to support scholarships to be given to Garneau students. They plan and host fundraisers, inviting former members of the MGCI community to attend.


The Overlea Garneau Alumni Association meets several times a year. Photo: David Hao

The association sponsors seven scholarships in total. However, due to financial constraints, only three or four are awarded each year. The MGCI/Overlea Alumni scholarship is given to a male and female student each year. Manji Kasfi and Barkhaa Talat were the recipients of the 2014 scholarships. On top of the recurring scholarship, this year’s graduating class will receive the Excellence in Visual Arts, and The Love of Art Scholarship.

The money raised from events gets invested into stocks. The goal is to increase the money they have by 5% annually.

Three years ago, the association organized a gala to celebrate its 40th anniversary. They are currently planning a smaller event for the 45th anniversary celebration.

Past and current students that have attended, or currently attend, Marc Garneau are welcome to these meetings. The association seeks to be more active within the school community, and want to raise more awareness and increase support for themselves.