For the last school week of the year, SAC organized two spirit days. The first was a Cartoon/Anime Day on 20 December, where students were invited to dress up as their favourite characters. The second spirit day was on 22 December, and had a holiday theme of ugly Christmas sweaters. SAC promoted both events through Facebook.

A Pacman tournament was also held in the cafeteria during the lunch of 20 December. The browser game was projected onto a screen and students could line up one at a time to play. Setting up the computer took some time, and the first game began at approximately 12:20 pm. Students were initially hesitant, but the activity quickly grew in popularity as competitors tried to beat the high score. “It was intense,” commented Saima, a participant, “SAC needs to do this more often.” Spirit Coordinator Czarina Facun noted that “it seemed a lot of people were really pumped about the game.” Over the course of lunch approximately 10 students played and each received a piece of chocolate afterwards. The winner, Michael Ma, won a bag of sweets.

SAC members commentated as students played Pacman on the cafeteria screen on 20 December. Photo: Jenna Wong

When asked if she knew of the event beforehand, Saima replied that “it was a surprise.” Because a number of students were not aware of the spirit days, there was a visible lack of costumes/sweaters during the events. SAC had only began advertising the events two days prior, and did not inform enough students through Facebook.

When asked about future plans, Czarina stated that students can look forward to a “lot more new activities during lunch” and that the spirit committee plans “to have the playing fee low or no fee at all, just so it’s easier for students to play.”