Over the course of semester one, Mr. Jeffrey’s Grade 12 art class worked on an in-class mural project to add some colour and spirit to the walls of Marc Garneau. The artwork is meant to not only decorate school halls, but also add positivity through showcasing different inspirational words. In total, the class painted four murals that can be found in different stairwells at MGCI.

The students split into groups and began working from the beginning of the semester. Each group chose what word(s) they wanted to paint and prepared their designs. The groups later outlined and painted their murals in only four days. When asked about how his group decided on what to paint, student Sabir Popal said, “We wanted to stand out to the students and the school, so we tried to do something inspiring and positive.”

A new mural done by Grade 12 art students, located in Stairwell 5. Photo: Matthew Tse

Two of the new murals can be found in Stairwell 5, with another in Stairwell 7, and the last one in the music hallway. In Stairwell 5, students will find the message “Rise Above It All” on the second floor and “Dream Big” on the third floor. The murals were painted with large letters and images or backgrounds that match the message. For example, the ‘i’ in “Rise” is a spaceship and the words are layered over a background that resembles a galaxy. In Stairwell 7, the group painted the school name “Marc Garneau” with a cougar, the school mascot, in the middle. Lastly, the music hallway mural displays different instruments alongside the word “Rhythm”.

One of the four newest art murals located in Stairwell 5. Photo: Matthew Tse

Mr. Jeffrey thought that the project would be suitable for his class of advanced artists and used the murals to share their talent to the rest of the school. “I thought they did really well,” said Mr, Jeffrey, “I’m actually very proud that they were able to draw and paint them in just four days; we can compare this to some murals that can take months.”

Mr. Jeffrey also completed a similar project last year, but as of now, he does not plan on continuing the project for future classes. Mr. Jeffrey said, “It’s really up to the administration,” but added, “If they decide that there’s space and want us to do something, I’d be happy to continue.” In total, there are nine pieces of stairwell art done by art students from this year and last year.