This morning, the school administration was given the following note:

“To whom it may concern:

Milliken Meat Products ensures you that all of its meat products are HALAL products. Our beef is supplied to us by Ryding – Regency Meats which is a %100 (sic) ritually slaughtered plant. we (sic) also receive beef trimming from Newmarket Meat packers and our beef suet is supplied to us by Cargill Meat solutions wich is also a %100 (sic) Halal plant. Our chicken is supplied to us by Sargeant Farms and all of there (sic) chicken is HALAL. You can visit the sargeant farms website for more information . All of these processors use islamic rituals in accordance to there  (sic) slaughter and production. Milliken Meat Products Ltd. is a supplier of Ground Beef, Beef suet, and chicken to Patty King”

The administration proceeded to post the error-ridden statement outside the cafeteria. Following earlier allegations from Patty King that their meat is not Halal and The Reckoner’s article on the matter, the supplier itself has intervened to clear things up. This may be good news for Muslim students looking to enjoy a patty from the cafeteria, but it is up to the students to decide whom to believe on the matter.