There was a hedgehog in a distant universe.

Hedgehog_Pic 1

It was insatiably curious and yearned to explore its surroundings.

 Hedgehog_Pic 2

To see another side of the world! To experience life with a new perspective!

 Hedgehog_Pic 3

Its entire view of the universe was a coin ready to be flipped.

 Hedgehog_Pic 4

The greenness of the grass on the other side would at last be revealed.

 Hedgehog_Pic 5

And so the hedgehog set off, its little quills quivering with excitement, its wandering eyes darting unceasingly, its hedgy mind filled to the brim with speculation on what it may discover.

Four paws skipped eagerly across the earth. It reached the first bush—the bush that marked the invisible line that had never been crossed.

The hedgehog crossed to the other side of that momentous line.

Hedgehog_Pic 6

The hedgehog was on the other side of that momentous line.

It had succeeded! It was there!

And everything it had imagined was true, all true!

The bushes, it could immediately tell, were nothing like those ordinary bushes from the ordinary side. The hedgehog had never seen those shapes of leaves before. The earth too was different. The scents were fresher, cleaner. And the grass! The grass was greener.

It marvelled upon its newly enlarged world with awestruck eyes.

Eventually, it stepped forward and continued on its journey once more, although at a much slower pace to better appreciate its new environment.

Step. Pause. Look. Step. Pause. Look.

The hedgehog discovered more and more new, never-before-known things.

Step. Pause. Look.

But the greatest discovery was soon to come.

Step. Pause. Look.




Something seemed familiar.





It discovered its world was a Möbius strip.

Hedgehog_Pic 7