From 8 to 12 December, 2014, Marc Garneau’s Senior Quiz League held a Toonie Trivia competition in the Galleria. For two dollars, participants filled out a sheet of 20 multiple choice questions, each worth one point.

Bonus points were awarded for a price. Attempts to answer four additional questions worth one, two, three, and four points respectively could be bought for 25¢ each. Paying another dollar unlocked a final question, worth 5 points. If correctly answered, all bonus points would also be doubled.

Some sample questions in the trivia are as follows:

  1. Which country won the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup?
  2. Which renowned general was forced to commit suicide after an assassination attempt on Hitler?
  3. What is the highest grossing movie? (Adjusting for inflation)
Toonie Trivia

Members of the Senior Quiz League volunteered to host the fundraiser. Photo: Christina Chen

President Felipe Gonzalez told us that they expected to raise $50. The money will contribute to a place in the annual Senior Reach for the Top competition, which costs $500 per school. The rest of the funding will come from comes from SAC ($200), and money from previous years. Due to lower SAC funding than usual, this is the first year the Senior Quiz League has had to hold fundraisers. Garneau has done well in past competitions, with Junior Quiz League winning, and Senior Quiz League going to the semifinals last year.

Contestant Hadi Qarizada, a Grade 12 student, was enthusiastic about the competition, saying that it was a “good way to raise money.” When asked about the difficulty of the questions, he said that they were “not too hard”, adding that he would “strongly recommend” Toonie Trivia.

Ultimately, Senior Quiz League managed to fundraise a total of $40, falling slightly short of their goal. The competition was won by grade 12 student Kevin Zhang, who received an almost perfect score, including doubled and bonus points. He will receive a gift card worth $10 to a restaurant or store of his choice.

Answers: 1. Brazil 2. Erwin Rommel 3. Gone with the Wind