On 17 and 18 May 2017, Marc Garneau’s track and field team competed in the South/West Regional Track and Field Meet at Centennial Park Stadium. Eight students from Marc Garneau competed in this meet for the chance to qualify for the city finals.

MGCI competed at the regional track and field meet on 17 and 18 May. Photo: Varun Venkataramanan

This year, Marc Garneau’s track and field team did not get off with a smooth start. The regular track and field coaches, Ms. McIsaac and Ms. Elliott, were both on maternity leave; the only available coach was Mr. Zecevic. Due to these challenges, the team started late and was unable to hold any practices, resulting in a rushed season.

Prior to the meet at Centennial Park Stadium, athletes were required to participate in at least one of two exhibition meets. The first was a mini meet at Birchmount Stadium, held on 26 April; the second was the Andre Hamilton Relays also at Birchmount Stadium, held on 3 May. These exhibition meets helped students gain some experience before the official competition.

Unfortunately, no student from Marc Garneau qualified for the city finals at the regional meet,  However, the team performed extremely well considering all the challenges they faced beforehand. All students were proud of what they achieved in this short season. When asked about this year’s track and field experience, Khalid Jan, a member of the team said, “Track was great this year. Although I ran with an injury, I think I did pretty well. Hoping to get a medal next year.” Varun Venkataraman, captain of the track team said, “I’m proud of everyone considering the hot weather and lack of training. Hopefully a few athletes can make it to Cities’ next year.”