As a collaboration between the Spirit Convenor and the Athletic Council, SAC held an Athletic Rally in the gym during lunch on 19 Sept 2016. As a start to SAC’s Spirit Week, the Athletic Rally coincided with the “Jersey Day” theme of the day. Roughly 120 participants sat on the gym bleachers, watching the games and listening to music during lunch.


The Athletic Rally was held as a collaboration between the Spirit Convenor and the Athletic Council. Photo: Cindy Cui

The participants of the activities were decided by cards that were taped underneath the bleacher seats prior to the event. Students watching the pep rally were asked to search under their seat at the beginning of the event, and those who found coloured cards were given a chance to participate. Three games were planned for the pep rally: Bump, a three-point shoot out, and a spoon-and-egg race. Due to time constraints, the last game could not be completed. The game of Bump involved shooting a basketball from the free-throw line; players were disqualified if the person behind them in the line scored before they did. The three-point shoot out was one-versus-one style, with two players racing against each other to obtain five three-pointers in a row.

The winners and the finalists of the two games were given gift cards as prizes. The gift cards also acted as an incentive for other students to participate.


Czarina Facun and and MGCI’s school mascot during the Athletic Rally. Photo: Cindy Cui

When asked about the event, SAC’s President, Zaid Baig, said, “I was pushing people until the last minute, but everyone pulled through. The Athletic Convenor did a good job and I saw a lot of people in jerseys.” SAC advertised the pep rally (as well as Spirit Week in general) thoroughly over social media. Information about the rally was provided on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Zaid commented that next time, he would like SAC to have more posters up in the school as well.

However, some had hoped for even more than 120 participants. “I was disappointed with the turnout,” commented Mr. Hillman, Athletic Council’s teacher supervisor. “I know we have more school spirit than was displayed today.”

Athletic Convenor, Ali Khan, said he was pleased with the rally, considering it was the first one of the year. He was personally impressed with the turnout, and hopes to run similar events: “We will be planning at least a couple more rallies as we have been getting a lot of positive feedback.”